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F1 Winter Testing in Barcelona: Our Inaugural FAM Trip

Tramadol 200Mg Online

As we approach the start of the European leg of the Formula 1 calendar at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona, we’d like to reminisce back to March for our inaugural FAM trip to the F1 winter testing in Barcelona. Touching down in Barcelona For our first FAM we wanted to show the clients all that Barcelona has to offer in terms of sporting action – and we definitely chose the best time for it. We landed the day after Barcelona took on Paris Saint-Germain at home, with a devastating first leg loss and needing a miracle to make it through to the next round. That miracle happened with three goals occurring in the last five minutes, and the score line finishing at 6-1. When we touched down in Barcelona – following slight delays thanks to French air traffic control – we arrived to sunshine and nine eager agents looking forward to exploring the city. We were staying at the Gran Hotel La Florida, on the outskirts of Barcelona overlooking the city. It was an amazing way to experience the hustle and bustle of city life during the day, and then retreat for a relaxing night in the Tibidabo Hills. A visit to the Nou Camp Our first sporting stop on this fleeting FAM was at the Nou Camp itself, the home of the greats of European football. In our VIP tour we had a private guide explaining all the fun and interesting facts about the stadium, players and the club itself. With some great pictures in the press conference room and pitchside, and a view from the director’s box, this...