Event: The Ryder Cup 2014

The tension, the emotion, the precision, the focus, and most of all, the pressure of a whole Country (or continent) on your shoulders with every single swing. With history of the sportspanning over 100 years of etiquette and tradition. Two teams of brothers, fighting over the sports most prestigious prize, it can only be The Ryder Cup.

One bad stroke in the rough and you can jeopardize a whole round, and that valuable point that your team needs to get closer to the winning line.

The Ryder Cup is truly the go-to event if you love Golf or any kind of team based activity. The pure adrenaline rush you get from seeing the players close up is second to none. There are hardly any other sports that allow you to be as close to the action as this.

We are not just talking about tradition this year either; there are some incredible breaks from tradition at Gleneagles this year. It is actually only the second time the event has been held at Gleneagles, and was last there in 1973. The venue is beautiful, with some incredible holes, particularly hole 13, ‘Braid’s Brawest’. But even the incredible standard of the course doesn’t equal the intoxicating views that are on display, the course has a bit of everything, from vast woodland, to marauding hills to gaze upon. The hotel is also somewhat of a landmark in itself, established in 1924, fitted with over 230 rooms, all at the 5-star standard that one would expect of such a treasure. This really is a location swamped in luxury and historical glory.

Now, back to the golf! With 4 of the 5 best players in the world currently residing from Europe, this is one of the strongest line-ups that the team has had against the US team in years.

With players like Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, VictorDubuisson, and Sergio Garcia to cheer on, as well as the ever eccentric Ian Poulter, it’s fair to say that the team Europe has a great chance of lifting the trophy, and if the past victories have been anything to go by, this is something that you won’t want to miss.

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