F1 2014 Season: Mercedes-Benz Constructors Victors

This season F1 has got its glitz and glamour back. The years of one driver championships are finally over, and now there is only one question left…

Can anyone stop Lewis Hamilton?

His impressive run of 4 victories in a row has got most British fans salivating at the mouth.

This season has seen a colossal rivalry between the two Mercedes drivers. Nico Rosberg seems to have dropped off the pace after colliding with Hamilton at the Belgian grand prix, but is still in with a realistic chance of overcoming the deficit in points.

The winner of the last four Drivers Championships Sebastian Vettel has had a particularly poor season, having not won a single race this year, and will no doubt be anxious to try and compete for podium finishes before the season is out.

As well as competition for the main drivers, we are witnessing one of the tightest battles for points that we have seen in years.

With Mercedes first F1 constructors championship title under their belt, thanks to Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Sochi at the Russian grand Prix, it’s up to the drivers to compete for the grand title. With the cars on a much more even playing field, it really is down to the skill of the drivers to work within their car limits to create the most potent and electrifying car they can race.

The seasons’ early promise has held, and it looks set to stay for the weeks ahead as we go into one of the most vital parts of the season.

Who will win the driver’s championship? Who knows? Whatever the outcome it is sure to be an exciting finale to this seasons fiercely competed title. As the sun sets over the Yas Marina circuit one driver will be crowned champion.

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