Formula One World Champion: Lewis Hamilton

As the dust clears in Abu Dhabi, and the conclusion of the F1 championship comes to an end, it’s fair to say that 2014 has been an incredibly tense and nerve-racking roller coaster ride!

The focus has predominantly been on the two young title hopefuls (and also team mates) turned archrivals, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Rightly so, Hamilton is currently adulated over the second successful championship campaign of his career. But the confirmation of his drivers win was not easily earned. With both men looking for results to go their way, and with the added spice of both being team mates, the shackles were off as the race began.

Hamilton’s aggressive and focused start on the grid was the perfect launch pad for his race strategy, and with Nico’s car failing to respond to the pressure, with a mechanical failure calling premature time on the Germans season.

With the title all but sealed, Hamilton cruised his way through the race to win his 11th race of the season in the emphatic W05. He has become the 5th highest race win driver of all time, and looks a red-hot favourite to continue his supreme form in the coming years.

With his aggressive over-taking technique, Lewis has become even more popular this year, with only the drivers criticising him while his adoring fans are found salivating at the mouth with every competitive manoeuvre.

Despite the war for the drivers championship, the respect that Hamilton has gained is somewhat fitting for the man that is showing the whole world how to be the best at a sport that he loves. Look out 2015.

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