How sporting tournaments bring a nation together

Every couple of years we see how sporting tournaments bring a nation together.

A football World Cup, the Euros, the Ashes, the 6 Nations or the Rugby World Cup – whenever these major tournaments roll around something quite spectacular happens to the national psyche.

United by their sporting teams, countries are brought together as they share in their nation’s pride, and desire for success.

When looking back at some of the most iconic sporting moments it’s clear a nation’s pride is shared on the pitch, court and field with the athletes themselves.

The Rugby World Cup

One week into the 2015 Rugby World Cup and there have already been some stand out moments.

Taking place on home soil, the England team kicked off the opening game against Fiji at rugby’s spiritual home, Twickenham.

Excitement around the country had been building for months, and the raucous crowd revealed a nation unified behind the rose.

England’s work is cut out for them as they try to recreate the glory of the 2003 World Cup win, particularly given their tough pool featuring Wales and Australia.

The standout match so far has been the surprise win from the underdog, Japan, against a tournament favourite South Africa.

Little did those who attended the Brighton Community Stadium know what they would witness.

Japan, having never played against South Africa before and only ever won one World Cup match, put in a defiant performance to win 34-32.

The Springboks were gracious in defeat and the largely English crowd were delighted with the Brave Blossoms’ performance.

The rugby world was captivated by the Japanese performance, and we saw a multitude of nations brought together simultaneously in respect and celebration.

Rugby Union - South Africa v Japan

Davis Cup

While tennis is usually regarded as an individual sport, the recent Davis Cup clashes have had a major following across the UK.

Headed up by Andy Murray, GB have the chance to win a first Davis Cup since 1978.

An outstanding team performance by the Murray brothers against long-time rivals, Australia, put GB into the Final.

If history is made in Belgium, then team GB will be revelling in the country’s pride for their achievements – something Andy Murray is already well accustomed to.

Indeed, we’ll likely see the whole of British Isles coming together in support of the team.



When I think of the Ashes, what stands out most is the on-going rivalry between the Brits and the Aussies.

It is no longer just about the cricket – it’s about pride too.

The 2005 Ashes victory is the first thing that comes to mind for many England fans when thinking of cricket.

Never before had we seen the England cricket team travelling on an open top bus through the streets of London, or such widespread celebrations.

The nation was united as we cheered on the first Ashes win for almost two decades.

How sporting tournaments bring a nation together


England’s campaigns in football tournaments have rarely ended as success stories.

However, this does not seem to suppress the nation’s hope that one day we might repeat the highs of 1966.

As we look ahead to France 2016, we can guarantee that thousands of fans will cross the channel or pack out the pubs at home, proudly supporting the Three Lions.

Perhaps the successes of the England women’s side in Canada at this year’s World Cup may have inspired our side to carry forth a sterling performance and bring home victory.


How sporting tournaments bring a nation together

When it comes to sport, especially in international competitions, as a supporter there is no better feeling then to see your side succeed.

As Japan’s win against South Africa demonstrated, no matter what the margin is, a nation will always come together behind a team’s success.

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