Five reasons to visit the Monaco Grand Prix: F1’s unmissable event

As card-carrying motorsport fanatics, it’s no easy task for us whittling our long list down to just a paltry five reasons to go watch the Monaco Grand Prix.

The name alone conjures up an air of excitement and anticipation to rival the very best global sport has to offer.

It’s the event that attracts both the die-hard petrolheads and those fair-weather fans who might not even follow Formula One that closely.

Monaco’s meagre population of 37,800 or so would squeeze into Leeds United’s Elland Road ground with a handful of seats to spare – though why they’d want to is another question entirely.

For one weekend, though, up to 200,000 descend on the principality – more than twice the capacity of Wembley.

So what’s all the fuss about? What are the main reasons to visit the Monaco Grand Prix?

1. The race is one of the most prestigious – and the best

Just seeing motorsport’s most prestigious offering is a good enough reason for most racegoers to make the journey to Monaco.

This 78-lap race sees the world’s leading F1 drivers weave their way around a dramatic street circuit.

Highlights include the famous Casino Square, the Fairmont Hairpin, divers flying out of the tunnel and into a tight chicane then past the swimming pool and the one and only La Rascasse corner.

It’s a tough circuit and limited overtaking opportunities mean it favours the driver in pole position. You might wonder if there is limited ability to challenge then why do we regard it so highly?

Firstly, it means any change in the racing pecking order is all the more dramatic. Secondly, we’ve barely begun listing our reasons to visit the Monaco Grand Prix. So without further ado…

2. Nice and Monaco make for stunning weekend breaks

IMG_8616.jpgMonaco – the playground of the rich and famous – is nestled in the heart of the French Riviera.

The shores of the Riviera lie just an hour and a half from London, making it a great choice of destination for a weekend getaway. After landing, you’ve got the option of staying in either Nice or Monaco for the weekend.

Monaco offers the excitement of the Grand Prix, with plenty of evening entertainment options right on your doorstep. Here you can indulge in the casino, yacht parties and the pop-up bars that open along the circuit each night. These are regarded as some of the main reasons to visit the Monaco Grand Prix.

Want to party? Then Monaco is for you.

For those fancying a more relaxed weekend that still offers the grandeur of the French Riviera, then Nice should be right up your street.

A stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, a wander around the harbour and some well-spent time trying out the local cuisine in the old town are all must-do activities.

With Monaco only a 20-minute train ride away, you really are just a stone’s throw away from the action come race day.

Adding some luxurious touches to your Monaco Grand Prix package can really make this weekend one not to forget.

If you’re travelling to Monaco after landing in Nice and you want to do it in style, arriving by helicopter is an unbeatable experience.

 With regular flights from the airport, this is a great way to kick the weekend off in style.






3. It’s an opportunity to mingle with the rich and famous

The Cannes Film Festival takes place just before the Monaco Prix.  

With Cannes only 55km away, the principality soon starts to resemble a veritable who’s who of celebrities.

As they migrate up the coast towards the glitz and glamour of Monaco race weekend, you can’t help but get excited about a weekend of celebrity spotting! Our Monaco F1 packages provide a unique opportunity to bump into someone famous. So remember to keep your eyes open for your favourite celebs…

4. You can watch the race from unique vantage points

SIMG_2272.jpgo where is the best place to watch the race? You’re spoilt for choice and there’s something for everyone.

You can watch from one of the grandstands, a terrace, balcony or yacht. Each comes with its own selling points.

Grandstands offer views from various vantage points around the circuit. As close to the action as possible, a grandstand makes a great spot for the avid race fan.

If you are looking for a more luxurious way to watch the race, hospitality packages are a must.

With the various Monaco Grand Prix packages available, you can enjoy the great views from the balconies over the circuit, or from yachts in the harbour. With all-inclusive food and drink, they are a fantastic way to enjoy a glamorous weekend of racing.

5. The 2015 Grand Prix continued a tradition of dramatic races

The 2015 Monaco Grand Prix turned out to be a thriller.

The excitement unfolded with Lewis Hamilton losing out on first place despite claiming pole position in qualifying and dominating for much of race day.

It finished with a heartbroken Lewis, shocked fans and a Mercedes Team having a lot to answer for!

Summing up – the key reasons to visit the Monaco Grand Prix

Overtaking or no overtaking, there are always plot twists during the Monaco Grand Prix – as 2015 proved.

Whether you are there for the race itself, the partying, celebrity spotting or merely crossing it off the bucket list, you will find it hard to experience another weekend quite like it. What Monaco Grand Prix hospitality has to offer is definitely unique.

For more reasons to visit the Monaco Grand Prix and for information about our Monaco F1 packages and other motorsport packages, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team. We’d be only too happy to chat about your options.

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