What is it like to see Cristiano Ronaldo play live?

Following his record-breaking weekend, we answer the question “what is it like to see Cristiano Ronaldo play live?”

What is it like to see Cristiano ronaldo play live?

As Cristiano Ronaldo tucked away his 5th goal against Espanyol last Saturday and became Real Madrid’s all-time top goal scorer, football fans around the world were not surprised.

In fact, nothing is surprising about the Portuguese attacker nowadays.

The man from Madeira has earned himself a reputation for repeatedly defying the odds of modern day football.

At 30-years-old, Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats. Millions around the world tune in every week to see his next goal.

Only a few, however, are lucky enough to see him work his magic in the flesh.

But what is it like to see Cristiano Ronaldo play live? Does seeing him play live reveal the secret of why he is one of the best ever?

Here is our four-point guide:

1. His athleticism is incredible

At 1.85m, Cristiano Ronaldo has an imposing physical presence. If you sit close to the pitch, you can understand how he has been brushing off defenders all these years.

2. His determination is relentless

Only in the stadium can you fully appreciate Ronaldo’s desire to win. Chasing every ball, his passion for the game is from the first to last minute

3. His leadership is inspirational

With every yell of encouragement, Cristiano does not let his teammates’ heads drop. Even as the TV camera pans away, Ronaldo makes sure his side stays 100% focused.#

4. His crowd participation is euphoric

Witness the atmosphere of Cristiano revving up the home crowd when taking a set-piece. Feel the rapturous response from all four corners of the ground.

Record breaker: What is it like to see Cristiano Ronaldo play live?

In conclusion, what is it like to see Cristiano Ronaldo play live?

Seeing Cristiano with your own eyes is an unforgettable experience. Whether he’s tearing apart the Barcelona defence in the Clasico or breaking records in the Champions League, it is a privilege to see Real Madrid’s no. 7 in action.

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