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The 2018 Ryder Cup Venue: What to Expect From the Course

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Next year, France will play host to one of the most exciting events in the golfing calendar: the 2018 Ryder Cup venue will be Le Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, just outside Paris. The competition is set to take place from 28th-30th September, and will mark only the second time continental Europe has hosted the Ryder Cup. Europe will be keen to get their hands back on the trophy after America’s 17-11 victory at Hazeltine, Minnesota in 2016. Europe have dominated the Ryder Cup since 2002, having won six of the last eight tournaments – so no doubt they’ll be looking to get their record back on track now they’re on home soil. But what can we expect from the 2018 Ryder Cup venue? Let’s take a look… The 2018 Ryder Cup venue: Le Golf National Le Golf National was designed by architects Hubert Chesneau and Robert von Hagge. A relatively new course, it opened for play in 1990, and has hosted the French Open every year since but two. The 2018 Ryder Cup venue will be Le Golf National’s spectacular championship course, L’Albatros. L’Albatros is notoriously difficult, and a favourite for many players. Northern Ireland’s Graeme McDowell said of it: “This is such a difficult course here, we may have one of the greatest Ryder Cup venues in European golf history in 2018.” The 2018 Ryder Cup venue: what’s the course like? L’Albatros is a stadium course featuring expansive, undulating fairways and links-style bunkers. It has few trees, but in typical European Ryder Cup style, plenty of water hazards to keep players on their toes. The man-made hills and undulations...